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  • Learn to up your laundry game each time
  • Find how to own the task to score more points
  • Show off your work ethic to your family
  • Get the 'me time' you need...

You’ll be surprised how awesome it can be.

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    You Own The Laundry

    Take over your household’s laundry. Your partner will have more time and will be overwhelmed with gratitude. Instant trophy husband status.

    Beat Your PB

    Will other Laundry Guys be able to keep up? Learn to master the art with the right skills, instructions, and tools. You’ll have wins every week.

    Build Your Retreat

    Enter. This is now your domain. Get unexpected peace and quiet while you “focus on doing the laundry.” Think zen time. And maybe a bar fridge....

    Here’s What Our Laundry Guys Have To Say

    “I joke about being ‘The Laundry Guy,’ but it’s a great chance to show my kids my work ethic at home. Plus, I don’t mind the alone time.”

    Luke D, Singapore

    “I’m a single guy. When women I date find out I do my own laundry, it’s an instant status booster.”

    Baz W, Gold Coast

    “I get in the flow when I’m doing the laundry and ironing. I didn’t talk about it because I thought it was just me and I didn’t talk about it because I was afraid I’ll lose credibility with friends. If what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by, this community is going to be a LOT of fun!”

    Steve P, Auckland

    The Quick Fix that Saved Our Sanity

    My hard-working wife just had our second child and was constantly exhausted even though we shared parenting duties. I helped in every way I could think of. One night, she landed on the couch, stressed and overwhelmed. I wanted to fix this, so I asked her if there was anything else I could do.

    “If you could just do a load of laundry, that’d be a huge help.”

    That’s it?

    I took on the laundry, and I chose to own the task from then on. This simple fix changed the game and made me an instant hero.

    This is a community of men owning laundry. Setting the standard. Comparing kit and equipment. Getting some time back and having a good laugh while doing it.

    - The Laundry Guy​

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